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Standard & Micro Processing Licence

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If you’re looking to develop cannabis into new and innovative products for public sale, the Standard Processing Licence is the ideal licence for you. Licence holders will be able to invent, create and produce unique cannabis products on a commercial scale and can include such things as oils, edibles and capsules. This license is also necessary for packaging and labelling all cannabis products for sale to the public. If you are interested in developing your cannabis into creative, ground-breaking products for sale on wide-reaching scale, let us help you get your Standard Processing Licence!

If you still want to sell your innovative cannabis product, but are looking to sell on a more modest scale (using less than 600 kg of dried cannabis a year), the Micro-Processing Licence is the option for you! This license is ideal for small, craft cannabis businesses that are looking to showcase their unique cannabis products. Licence holders will be able to do all the same exciting activities as those with a standard processing licence including inventing and creating new products, as well as packaging and labelling cannabis for sale to the public. If selling craft cannabis products is your ideal business, let us help you obtain a Micro-Processing Licence!