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Standard & Micro Cultivation Licence

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If growing is your passion, or if cultivation is part of your business plan, this is the licence for you. A standard cultivation licence will permit you to produce cannabis on a large scale. Holders of a Cultivation Licence will be able to product cannabis plants, cannabis seeds and dried cannabis. Your growing does not have to be confined to indoor production rooms, with this licence you will be able to grow in a green house or even outdoors. With a multitude of strains and varieties available for cultivation, let us help you get your licence to grow!       

If a large scale facility is not on the horizon, or you are interested in craft growing, the Micro-Cultivation Licence is for you. With a space limitation of 200 square meters for growing, this licence is perfect for those who do not want to invest in a large scale facility. A Micro-Cultivation licence will allow for all the activities outlined in a Standard Cultivation Licence, but just with a limited canopy space. The micro-cultivation licence will allow for more flexibility in security and operational requirements. If small batch, craft grows are on your horizon, let us help you get you licence to micro-grow!