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Filth Testing

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Eurofins has developed a qualified analysis of light and heavy filth testing of Raw Material and Finished Product with the assistance of our highly qualified chief analyst. Our chief analyst holds both qualitative and quantitative certification from the American Association of Cereal Chemists has over 25 years of experience in Micro-analytical Entomology.

Testing is regularly performed on:

Spices, Paprika and other Capsicums, Candy, Cocoa Powder & Chocolate Products, Coffee, Cookies, Corn Chips, Corn Meal, Crab Meat, Egg Products, Flour, Fruit (dried), Gum, Hot Sauce & Salsa, Mushrooms (canned & dried), Nut meals, Pasta Products, Rice Sticks, Shrimp, Sugar, Tomatoes (canned) & Tomato Products, Tamarind & Tamarind Products, Tortillas and others.

  • Contaminants Detected by Light Filth Analysis: Insect Fragments, Animal Hair, Whole Insects, and other extraneous material such as Feather Barbules, Mites, Metal, Rubber, Plastic, and Paint Chips.
  • Contaminants Detected by Heavy Filth Analysis: Sand, Grit, Stones, Glass, and Metal

A Macro Filth Analysis is conducted on: Spices, Herbs, Botanicals, Cocoa Beans, Dried Fruit, Dried Chilies and Plant Gums when looking for insect damage, mold, excreta, and other foreign matter.

Identification of Foreign Material is typically performed on samples that originate as complaints from retail consumers (legal/insurance cases) and from internal QC physical inspection of finished product.