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Toxicology Testing

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With growing pressure to develop reliable and sensitive techniques for testing the effects of pollutants, Eurofins Environment Testing's toxicology testing services can highlight the potential effects of compounds released into the natural environment, preventing damaging toxins becoming a headline concern. Our toxicology testing laboratories are leaders in this field, routinely supporting customers in highly regulated industries, including oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining and petrochemicals.

We are an accredited laboratory under the Quebec Provincial Accreditation Program (MDDELCC). We also perform various tests using Environment Canada (SPE), MDDELCC (MA 500) and US EPA methods.

Our environmental toxicology capabilities include:

  • Determination of environmental toxicity testing according to customer specifications and government guideline
  • Acute toxicity of effluent / liquids
  • Chronic environmental toxicology of effluents/ liquids on Ceriodaphnia dubia, Pseudokirchneriella (green algae), fathead minnow, and duckweed 
  • Exposure of earthworms, germination and growth rates of plants
  • Biodegradability testing