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Stack Testing

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Eurofins, with its expertise in stack emissions analysis and monitoring, provides world-class support to your business. Our programs can be tailored to your specific needs; our on-site teams consist of engineers, chemists and specialized technicians for the analysis of chimney emissions.    

If your facilities or processes are governed by regional or national regulations, you must comply with the specificities of your license. With our comprehensive range of state-of-the-art equipment, we provide chimney emission analysis programs based on recognized international protocols.

Our mobile lab units provide a clean environment for preparing and recovering samples from your sites without hindering your day-to-day activities.

All of our stack emission analysis and monitoring programs include methods tailored to specific applications.

Our sampling and stack emission monitoring services include:

  • Emission monitoring for compliance with standards
  • Performance analysis
  • Tests on process optimization
  • Automated Continuous Monitoring System (ASCS) and Portable Emission Measurement System (SPME) Verification Studies with United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Relative Test Accuracy (RATA) Verification Protocols
  • Compliance with all US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) testing standards for:
    • Flue gases (NO, NO2, SO2, O2, CO2, CO, SRT)
    • On-line analysis of total organic compounds (TOCs) / volatile organic compounds (VOCs) through flame ionization detectors (FIDs)
    • The particles
    • Halogenated compounds
    • Dioxins, Hazardous Air Pollutants (PCBs) and PCBs
    • Monitoring the quality of the ambient air
    • Compliance with modeling standards for dispersion

We serve customers in several types of industries including: chemicals, metals, mining, waste processing, oil, printing, pulp and paper, aluminum smelters, steel mills, etc.