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Eurofins analyzes all water categories, as well as a wide range of quality indicator organisms in the environmental microbiology laboratory. We offer complete monitoring of drinking water tests for human consumption, all in compliance with the Regulation respecting the quality of Québec's drinking water (QPIP). We can assist you in monitoring bathing waters, swimming pools and other artificial pools, but also soils, wastewater and closed water systems such as cooling towers and water recirculation systems, presenting increased risk of Legionella outbreak.

Microbiological parameters available:

-The total coliforms

-Fecal coliforms

-E. coli

-Staphylococcus aureus

-Pseudomonas aeruginosa

-Fecal enterococci

-The salmonella

-The coliphages

-The counting of heterotrophic bacteria

Yeasts and molds

Aerobic and anaerobic spore-forming bacteria

-The enumeration of algae

-Enumeration of clostridia anaerobic sulphameductants

 and more particularly Clostridium perfringens 

-The Legionella


Our analyses are carried out under strict conditions to ensure the quality, all in compliance with the ISO-17025 standard