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Oils, fuels and glycol

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A wide range of ASTM testing is available for characterizing your hydraulic oils, transformer oils, motor oils, heating oils, transmission fluids, diesel, aviation fuels, glycol, and more.

- Determination of wear metals

- Content in halogens and sulfur

- Specific gravity

- Flash point closed and open

- TAN and TBN

- Distillation

- Pour point

- Freezing point

- Boiling point

- Color

- Viscosity

- Water content

- particle counting

- Corrosion with copper blade

- Foaming characteristic

- Characteristic of emulsion

- Insoluble in pentane or toluene

- Conductivity

We recognize that accurate determination of the properties of petroleum products is critical to your industry. Whether they come from pipelines, exploration or a production plan, the accuracy of our analyzes determines the economic value of your products.