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Infrared Analysis

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The Eurofins Quality Trait Analysis (QTA) System was established in 2001 to offer Infrared Solutions.  This patented analytical system provides real time solutions that are dependable and precise.   The QTA system requires no sample preparation allowing you to rapidly and effortlessly test your products and materials.  With 24/7 technical support QTA can handle all the technical development, configuration, management and monitoring, permitting accurate quality testing by non-technical personnel, and giving you back your time so you to devote to managing your business. 

With real time results, results in less than two minutes, the program will prove to be high quality, you can noticeably increase the value of your finished product, improve your process yields, and reduce waste and rework, and improve profitability. 

The infrared spectrometer and a user interface make up the QTA system.  This two part system will give you precise quality data on your products, raw materials, byproducts and even in-process streams. 

Here’s How It Works

The spectrometer will be located onsite at your place of work.  The online program is secure through the use of a sign in system and will require a computer that can be linked to the spectrometer while being online.   Once you are in the system, you have access to a library of calibration algorithms specific to your materials. 

To begin the test you enter a sample ID on your computer, place the sample on the spectrometer and press analyze. The spectrometer gathers a light spectra, digitizes it and sends it over the internet to the QTA central processor where existing algorithms are used to interpret the light spectra.  Once the light spectra is read results are sent back to your computer.  With less than 2 minutes from straight to finish, the process is non-destructive and ordinarily involves no sample preparation.

While there isn’t a capital investment required the system is accessible on a subscription base.

Analyses of the broadest range of materials, components and properties are provided because of the QTA System’s usage of the Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy.  QTA’s patented Chingometrics™ data treatment conveys better accuracy and consistency to the analyses; and the QTA Network for centralized calibrations guarantees that your systems are constantly up to date, at peak performance and observed, bringing you a 24 x 7 technical resource. 


The Quality Trait Analysis System can be used over an array of industries.  Customers have the choice to use existing calibrations from the QTA library following validation or custom calibrations may be necessary.

The QTA business depends on mid-infrared spectrometers and near infrared spectrometers with different sampling devices that are contingent on customer’s applications to offer services to you.