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Eurofins dairy testing are services are performed with the highest levels of accuracy at our premier Dairy Laboratory Service companies. As industry leaders, our reputation stands for itself with 75 years of providing analytical results to thousands of worldwide satisfied customers. Eurofins focuses resources primarily on the two major market segments of: Manufacturers of Dairy and Dairy Related Products and Milk Producers.

Manufacturers of Dairy and Dairy Related Products:

·        Fluid Natural and Flavored Milks/Creams/Wheys

·        Powdered Milks

·        Wheys & Components

·        Sour Cream Mixes

·        Ice Cream Mixes, Shakes & Soft Serve Mixes

·        Malts

·        Eggnogs

·        Cheeses

·        Cottage Cheese Dressings

·        Cultured Products

·        Butter and more


Milk Producers: Component Analysis, Microbiology Analyses, Mastitis Testing, Johnes Testing and more.

·        Calibration Standards

·        Chemistry Analyses

·        Custom Calibration Sets

·        Instrument Calibration Standards

·        Mastitis DNA/PCR Testing

·        Mastitis Media Plates

·        Milk Microbiology Testing

·        Milk Pregnancy Testing