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Fair and consistent assessments and auditor competency are core principles at Eurofins. Our proficient team is hand selected to be the highest qualified and calibrated network of auditors in the industry with sector-specific expertise, capable of supporting food safety at the highest level. The team is kept up-to-date with continuous education through a review of new regulations and emerging trends relative to the food industry. Our auditor training and calibrations are continually performed at annual gatherings, monthly meetings, and weekly coaching sessions.

Good Manufacturing Programs (GMP) Identifying potential problems and taking an in-depth look at processes is the first step to increasing your food safety management system. Manufacturers and processors undergoing our tailored GMP audit will be provided with data to help enhance food safety and quality systems throughout the entire plant.

Warehouse & Distribution Warehouse and Distribution Centers play an integral role in food safety for the entire supply chain. Major challenges range from temperature control to segregation of product for prevention of cross contamination, and food security. Our third party audits are an effective way to ensure product is protected and these challenges are met

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Whether chemical or microbiological testing is being performed, following best practices in the laboratory provides accurate and reliable results for today’s business decisions. Eurofins’ years of experience in the analytical testing arena allow our auditors to draw from proven procedures in aseptic sampling, sample homogeneity, and instrumental analysis in order to provide you with a valuable audit.

Identity Preservation (IP) Eurofins offers an Identity Preservation Certification program that incorporates both product testing and a site assessment to verify compliance and unadulterated product. Participants may choose to display the Eurofins seal on promotional materials to help consumers and businesses shopping for foods to make informed choices, through an easily identifiable, trustworthy seal.

HACCP Verification Food companies, required by regulations, must review their HACCP plans for continued improvements. Failure to identify and effectively control food safety hazard at your site can have dire consequences. Our audit professionals can help verify your practices to ensure they are operating in the right manner.

Supplier Audits In many cases, one of the largest risks to a food manufacturer is the incoming raw materials. Despite all of the controls in place within your process, compromised raw materials pose a hazard to your facility and your finished product. It is essential to verify that your suppliers adhere to the same strict food hygiene standards as maintained in your operations. However, performing assessments of all suppliers can be costly and time-consuming. Eurofins’ team of professional auditors can save you valuable time and resources by conducting 3rd party supplier assessments on your behalf, using our audit checklists or your company specific audit criteria.