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Alternative fuel, solid and liquid

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Our fuels and lubricants department offers a wide range of analyzes necessary for the physicochemical and thermal characterization of solid fuels for recovery (non-hazardous industrial waste):

- Moisture content and loss on ignition

- Ash percentages at specific temperatures (550C, 750C or 950C)

- Upper and lower heat value

- Total sulfur and halogen content (Cl, Br, FI), organic and inorganic

- Percentage of volatile matter and fixed carbon content

- Apparent density

- Determination of total metals and oxidized metals

- etc.

Equipped with several high-end devices (shredder, cryogenic grinder, crusher and sprayer) we guarantee you to homogenize your dies whether it is wood, plastics, paper, rocks, concrete cores, asphalt shingles.


To determine the energy potential and the polluting nature of liquid recovery materials (alternative fuels) (petroleum products, used solvents, paint and cosmetic waste) we offer tests such as:

  • the density at specific temperatures
  • kinematic viscosity at specific temperatures
  • closed and open flash point
  • percentage of water
  • etc.