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Stack Testing

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Eurofins Environment Testing's stack sampling and emissions monitoring expertise provides world-leading support for your business. Our programs can be tailored to your specific needs and overseen by field teams backed by engineers, chemists and technicians based in specialist stack sampling facilities.

If your facility or processes are regulated by national or regional regulations, then you will be required to comply with the details of your licence. With our comprehensive and state of the art range of testing equipment, we ensure stack sampling programs based on internationally recognized protocols.

Our mobile lab units provide a clean environment for the preparation and recovery of samples from sites of your choice, without interfering with your routine business operations.

All stack sampling and emissions monitoring programs include modified methods for special applications.

Stack sampling and process emission monitoring services include:

  • Emission monitoring for compliance
  • Gas turbine commissioning and performance testing
  • Process optimisation testing
  • CEMS and PEMS verification studies by US EPA RATA protocols
  • Full US EPA compliant testing capabilities for
  • Combustion gases (NO, NO2, SO2, O2, CO2, CO, UHC)
  • TOC/VOC by online FID
  • Particulate matter
  • Halides
  • Multi phase and trace elements
  • Dioxins, PAHs and PCBs
  • Ambient air quality monitoring
  • Regulatory compliance dispersion modelling

We support customers in a range of industries, including: chemicals, metals, mining, waste, petroleum and printing.