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Eurofins Environment Testing provides microbiological services to the food, water, environmental and consumer products industries. Our accredited laboratories test for a range of pathogen, quality, indicator and spoilage organisms, using a range of conventional and rapid methods to suit your particular needs.


From potable, non-potable, recreational, surface and cooling tower to environmental, mineral and bottled, Eurofins Environment Testing tests all the main categories of water. Tests include Legionella and a range of indicator organisms. 


Eurofins Environment Testing undertakes microbiological testing of all food categories for both retail and manufacturing clients. Pathogen, indicator and spoilage organism testing is carried out using both standard culture methods and a range of rapid technologies.

Consumer Products

Eurofins Environment Testing conducts QC and routine testing on a range or raw materials and personal care products.

Advisory and consultancy

Our microbiology experts can also support your non-testing needs. These may include anything from specification setting, predictive modelling, factory troubleshooting, HACCP support or bespoke training, tailored to industry sector and your own business needs.